Carpet Cleaning Broward County

It’s always a good idea to get your carpet and upholstery cleaned professionally. First, cleaning your carpets or rugs on a regular basis keeps them in great condition. By not doing so, the material deteriorates. If your carpet is brand new, you want to ensure you get the most for the hard-earned dollars you spent. It’s much simpler to spend some money on a cleaning service than to replace an entire carpet. Read on for more details about the benefits of professional cleaning services in Broward County.

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

A good Broward County cleaning service can help prevent bacteria and allergens from spreading. Cleaning your carpets on a consistent basis can be beneficial to your health. The flooring of this type is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, especially in climates with a lot of moisture like South Florida. If you have children or pets or someone in the home with allergies, the importance of regular carpet cleaning services can’t be stressed enough.

But there’s more than just bacteria that can get trapped in your carpets. The following is a list of more things a professional carpet cleaning service will remove, such as:

  • Any fecal matter trapped on shoes that is carried inside. In South Florida, we have a lot of beautiful places outdoors that people love to frequent that iguanas, ducks, and other wildlife like, too. Unfortunately, shoes pick up fecal matter left behind by these animals.
  • Parasites: These can be carried into the house in many ways, through shoes or pets. 
  • Pests: Human hair, dust, and pet fur don’t pose a major threat to your health, they can attract insects that are responsible for decomposing waste. Those pests are just doing what comes instinctively, so regular vacuuming and deep-cleaning clears out what may be attracting them in the first place.

Regular carpet cleaning is essential in Broward County homes with children or anyone with allergies, pets, people who have compromised immune systems, 

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services

There is a multitude of reasons why you would need emergency carpet cleaning services. A common case is when flooding has occurred. Water is pumped out of the carpet and affected upholstery before our team starts the dehumidifying process. They will also assess the area to see if the source of the leak can be determined to prevent further leaks and water damage. What’s important is to clear standing water before mosquitos and bacteria begin to breed, and to dry the area to make it hostile for bacteria to grow. 

Remove Odors to Make Better Impressions

One of the most noticeable benefits of professional carpet cleaning, and what is sure to get you compliments from friends and family who regularly visit, is how fresh and clean a house smells after a professional carpet cleaning. In fact, it’s so nice that sometimes people surprise their spouses and roommates with a professional cleaning service because walking into a fresh-smelling home is such a nice feeling.

Smoking, lighting incense, cooking and any other activities that require heating or burning items for consumption will generally leave a potent odor in the home. This is because several of the molecules have embedded themselves in the upholstery and the carpet. Even when the item is not burning at that moment, a stale scent can linger. Unfortunately, opening the windows to air out the house won’t clear up the issue. 

If you have guests coming to stay, are planning on selling your home, hosting a dinner party or doing anything else that requires others to have a solid first impression once they walk into your home, it’s important that the first thing they notice isn’t how bad the place smells. It gives people the feeling that the place is dirty, and may turn off guests who have come over to eat.  

If you are a regular smoker, consider getting regular carpet and upholstery cleaning done. By doing it every six months to a year, you give your house a refreshing new start. 

Reduce The Smell of Pets

Pets can also leave behind strong odors. Sure, they are our companions, and we love them, but just as much as dogs love to run in the backyard with our kids and us, they love to cuddle against us, lie on the carpet, stink up their beds, or sometimes jump on the sofa with us. A common reason why property owners don’t like to rent properties to those with pets is that they do leave a very thick smell in carpets, no matter how lovable and cute they are. 

Stain Removal and General Aesthetics

A nasty stain never looks good anywhere! You’ve probably already tried hydrogen peroxide on wine stains, for example, or any number of home remedies. But some stains are too tough, and at-home remedies may actually exacerbate the problem by discoloring the carpet even more! Save yourself the stress and have the experts come in and clean it for you. Be sure to tell them what spilled and any helpful details. Your furniture or carpet will look good as new in no time!

In fact, your carpet will look a lot better after a professional cleaning. The fibers will be more lustrous without a layer of dust, dirt, and dander over them, and be more “fluffed out.” The difference in the room will be noticeable. 

Cleaning your upholstery gives it new life. You might notice only after the cleaners have just how much of a remarkable difference dirt, dust, and general use can make on furniture’s appearance. It will be more vibrant, intricate designs pop out more, signs of aging will diminish or seem to fade in the background and the texture will feel better to the touch. 

Improved Well-Being

Even if you aren’t the kind of person who always has guests come over, you deserve to walk into your home and truly feel relaxed. If you live with a smoker, kids, or pets, then it can sometimes be a challenge to keep carpets and upholstery clean. Dropped ashtrays, juices, and paints or other materials children play with can leave behind stains that you might put off getting cleaned or try to clean yourself. But once in a while, it’s good to treat yourself and your family to a fresh start. Every corner will be vacuumed and even sanitized. 

This improves a person’s mindset. And if you’re like most families or people in general, you’re looking for ways to reduce your stress. Psychologists talk a lot about the importance of having control over one’s environment. We are creatures who love to have power. When you walk into a home that feels like it’s been taken over by dirt, dust, and too many cleaning challenges, it can take a toll on you. That is why some people start cleaning when they get stressed.

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We think taking care of your floors is a source of pride. A simple carpet cleaning can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and should be incorporated into any maintenance regimen. We also offer the best upholstery and carpet cleaning services in Broward, Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida.

Your home should be a page of refuge for you and your family, but when you have children, it’s hard to keep a clean house. You work hard and have a lot to do. Let our Broward County carpet cleaners take care of the mess and make life a bit easier for you.

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