Commercial Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale

If you are in the market for cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale, you have probably noticed that you have more than a few options to choose from. If you are saddled with the task of finding a cleaning service for your office, MatthKevin Cleaning Company can provide you with a team of professionally trained maintenance engineers who will leave your office spotless and germ-free.

Cleaning Services Fort Lauderdale

Each of our staff members is committed to making your office a clean and comfortable environment. Every one of us has a vested interest in the company and the satisfaction of our clients. We use the very finest cleaning products and proven techniques, so you can arrive at a place of business where you and your staff will be undistracted by clutter, food remnants, and grime. You will never have to worry about making a good first impression on your clients when our staff has cleaned the building. They will know that they are dealing with an organized and professional company that they can trust.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Company?

If you are a part of a small company, you may be tempted to just let your employees do various cleaning chores around the office. This may work for a little while, but how thorough a job will the employees do? They may be willing to generally clean up after themselves and tidy the area to which they are assigned, but they are unlikely to do a deep cleaning. After a week or two, you may notice that the tables in the break room have stains, the refrigerator has not been cleaned out and the carpet is littered with crumbs, pebbles, and dirt.

If an employee refuses to do their cleaning chore, what are you going to do? You cannot fire them because they are not refusing to do their job. Employees may end up resenting the fact that they have to do chores and you may end up with a hostile work environment. Although it may be a bit more costly, hiring a professional cleaning service can help you avoid controversy within your company, so that the employees can concentrate on work. It also takes extra time to clean an office and that time may best be spent on work. We offer flexible payment plans that will fit any company’s budget.

If your office is housed in a larger building, the owner of the building may offer a maintenance service. Bear in mind that the people who clean entire buildings have a lot of work to do in a very short amount of time. They may have fifty offices to clean in the space of a short overnight shift. They have just enough time to empty the trash cans and give the rugs a quick vacuum. Our cleaners will curtail the cleaning of your office to your company’s specific needs. We won’t just vacuum and take out the trash, we will leave your office bathroom and kitchen sparkling clean and fully stocked.

Marble Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

Marble can give your office a touch of class, but it can be very hard to maintain. Our staff is well trained in the cleaning of marble floors. We have the buffers and attachment tools necessary to make your marble floors and accents shine.

Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

If you have carpeting in your office, you know that if it is in good shape it can beautify your space and give it a welcoming feeling. Unfortunately, if the carpeting is not in good shape, it can give clients and other visitors the impression that your company is not doing so well, and they may end up looking for someone else to provide the services your company offers. Mites, mold, and bugs live in carpets and you may end up with health issues If you do not get your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Not getting your carpet cleaned may also cause it to wear down in certain spots and that can be very dangerous.

Professional carpet cleaning companies charge a lot of money to clean the carpets and they may disrupt your workday as those companies normally only come out during business hours and make a lot of noise with their equipment. Our team works after hours and can clean your carpet overnight. Your workday will not be interrupted and you will have a clean fresh smelling carpet when you come to the office in the morning.

Getting your carpet cleaned regularly not only improves the appearance, smell, and safety of your office, it also improves the air quality. Carpets absorb toxins and allergens and cleaning them can get rid of those elements.

Tips for Maintaining a Cleanly Office

Although it is important to hire a professional cleaning company for your office, there are a few things that you and your coworkers can do to ensure a clean and well-organized workspace. If you have junk mail and old receipts cluttering up your drawers, go through them and throw away what you will never need.

Before putting anything on your desk, make sure that it should actually be stored on your desk. It may be better off on someone else’s inbox in another department, in a filing cabinet or even in the trash. It can also help to get your workers’ desk organizers, so they can separate work that they need to do from that which has already been done.

Office Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

Whether you are a tiny ma and pa company or a big company with many departments, a clean workplace can make all the difference for your employees and potential clients. We can clean your office as often as you like and make a payment plan that is right for you.

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